Sunday, April 27, 2014

North to Alaska

Well, it is that time of year again and I am off on my 7th annual spring Vespa fling. This year is monumental as I will be riding across the USA and part of Canada to reach Hyder, Alaska. There, I will turn around and head for New Orleans in the 2014 Scooter Cannonball, a “timed competition” (“don't call it a race”) with 45 other scooters.  My fear is not the ride, but the cold. I live in Florida for a reason.

At any time that you want to know where I am, just click on the "Where am I" page and, if technology is working, you will see a real time location of Big Red.  You will probably have to zoom out on the map.

My trip starts in early May headed across America up to the SW corner of South Dakota and across to Washington State. Then we will make a hard right turn and head for Hyder, Alaska. I will try to write as often as comfortable and when I have something to report. Believe it or not, it is work sitting down at the end of a long day writing a bit and sorting pictures, but it is really for my failing memory you know.

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The 2014 Scooter Cannonball starts on June 3rd and will cover 375 +/- miles a day. On paved roads, logging roads, and old dusty trails (I hope it is dust and not mud). We will end in New Orleans on June 12th which coincides with the beginning of AmeriVespa, the largest gathering of scooters in the U.S. The male and female competitors range in age from early 20's to their late 70's and scooters ranging in age from a 1935 Cushman to modern day ones. Engine sizes range from 50cc, the really crazy rider, up to my size with the 250cc engines. The real riders in this event are Cochid on his little 50cc, who will be riding day and night, and those with the “classic” or older scooters. This will be a grueling event for many, especially on the older and smaller engine scooters. Their pit crews will be rebuilding engines in the parking lots of hotels and along the side of the road

Follow along on the Scooter Cannonball2014 page.

This year I am trying to raise enough money on the ride to buy a new 4x4 "mule" for my friends at the Lemur Conservation Foundation. I actively volunteer there and think it is a very worthy cause with some very dedicated people. My work is helping Pete, our full time maintenance man, take care of the 110 acres and everything else on the reserve from fences to bathrooms. The mule is desperately needed as our second hand one has died.

Read about it on the Lemur page.

This will all end up in New Orleans at the 22nd Annual Amerivespa. A gathering of scooter enthusiasts from all over the world.

So, follow along and we will meet you on Bourbon St.