Lemurs, cute little things aren't they. Remember watching Zoboomafo when you were growing up? Well, sadly lemurs are now one of the most endangered primates in the whole world. They only live in Madagascar off the coast of Africa and their habitat is being destroyed rapidly by loggers and poachers.

The Lemur Conservation Foundation is trying to save them. LCF, along with Duke University and several zoos, have established programs to protect the lemur species by giving them a safe place to live and breed here and in Madagascar. LCF was founded in 1999 by Penelope Bodry-Sanders and is located in a very rural area of Florida on 110 acres where lemurs roam freely in the woods. It has an active breeding program designed to preserve and contribute to the worldwide genetic pool of lemur species. The fact that they are free-ranging will make it easier to reintroduce them into the wild when it becomes safe to do so in the future.

But our little friends need your help.  They need a mule.

No not that one........
........this one

The staff at LCF have to patrol the 110 acres at their reserve outside of Myakka City, Florida taking care of the lemurs, mending fences, trimming trees, maintaining fire breaks and a whole host of other duties. Our second hand “mules” have finally breathed their last breath over a year ago and our eco-friendly electric golf carts cannot go where we need to go. I can tell you that hauling chainsaws and dead timbers out of the forest in Florida in July is grueling work.

So, please help save my life and more importantly help the Lemur Conservation Foundation save the lemurs. Help us help LCF purchase a new “mule”. The mule or gator or other 4x4 will cost about $10,000. That is a lot of lemur feed. We are on our way with over $1,000 already. Hopefully, on this trip we can raise another $3,000 and we have a donor who will match all donations up to $5,000. So, please, make a donation to the “mule fund” today. You can donate online (choose "other" under "gift designation" and put "mule fund") or by sending a check to the address below.

All donations go directly to the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Learn more about this great project at

Lemur Conservation Foundation
Myakka City Lemur Reserve
PO Box 249
Myakka City, Florida 34251

Tel: 941-344-8494

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